If I have a trademark for a domain name, do I have priority?

There is a fierce competition for premium domain names and some are exclusively available to trademark owners. If you can present a registration certificate, validated by the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), then you have the highest chance of getting the domain name that you prefer. 

However, please take note that this requirement is only applicable during the Sunrise Period (first stage). Once this period has lapsed, anyone is free to register a new gTLD even without Trademark rights.

Domain registration for your brand is best done during the Sunrise stage to avoid losing them or worse, pay a hefty price to get them. We can make it easy for you with our new Trademark services:

Validation of your trademark in the Trademark Clearinghouse

Are you a holder of a registered trademark and do you wish to register a domain name during the Sunrise phase? As mentioned earlier, you will need to submit your trademark certificate for validation to the Trademark Clearinghouse. The Signed Mark Data (SMD) is a validation code provided by TMCH which gives you access to the Sunrise Period. Without this SMD, there's no way you can get access to the Sunrise period.

This may sound complicated and quite tedious, but our team at Nominus.com can help simplify the process. We can do the trademark submission for you and take care of the whole validation process. Please fill out the form below and send it to tmch@nominus.com:

clearinghouse-official-agent_100.png  TMCH ORDER FORM

Trademark Registration for New TLDs

What if you don't own a registered trademark? Having a registered trademark in your country is your best option. Not only it increases your chances of securing the domain name of your choice, but it also gives you access to the sunrise period.

As trademark registration can be a long process in many countries, we can offer you Accelerated Trademark Registration in the following suggested countries:

  • Benelux Accelerated: Registration certificate is granted for USD 1,250 in about 3 weeks. To order, click here.
  • Switzerland Accelerated: Registration certificate is granted for USD 1,660 in about 3 weeks. To order, click here.
  • United Kingdom: Timeframe is between 3-4 months and registration has a lower cost than the first two alternatives. The registration certificate is granted for USD 681. To order, click here.

Any question or any confusion that needs to be clarified, please do not hesitate to contact Nominus.com.

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