What are the advantages of registering a new gTLD?

New gTLDs are essentially the same as the existing generic domains. There are several advantages of having one registered:

  • New gTLDs will allow a business to specify clearly what it wishes to relate to, whether that may be a certain product or service, hobby, interest group, business, city, etc.
  • Online visitors will instantly know what to expect from the website. For instance, visiting www.company.doctor will let you know right away that it is related to doctors or medicine. Another example, www.company.homes is obviously related to real estates.
  • It allows for better branding and marketing. Companies don't have to settle with domain names that are either too long or non-related. They can choose domains that are truly relevant to their niche not to mention avoid paying a hefty price for less than 5-letter word domain names. 
  • It allows business to easily get recognized as a local company. For example, a business website using a .istanbul extension lets everyone know where the store is physically located.
  • It allows for better search engine optimization (SEO). Google doesn't penalize websites that use gTLDs. In fact, your website will be recognized by Google as being the same as TLDs. 

With more than 1,500 new extensions to choose from, owners will be able to choose a domain from the new gTLDs that may be more specific to their interest or target audience; allowing them to optimize their marketing strategy as well as communication with clients.

Register New gTLDs

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