When can I use DPML and what is it for?

Donuts Protected Marks List or DPML is a powerful subscription service that protects brand and trademark holders against cybersquatters.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for this service, you must own a registered trademark and it must be validated by the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). Your trademark must also satisfy the 'use' standards. If these requirements are satisfied, TMCH will issue a signed mark data (SMD) file. This SMD file is mandatory in order to submit a DPML block.

How does DPML work?

Trademark owners will submit a term, a keyword, or an 'exact match' that is related to their trademark or brand. Once a term is accepted in the DPML, that term is blocked from registration with all the new gTLDs provided by Donuts and/or Demand Media (more than 300 domains). The initial term of protection lasts from 5 up to 10 years.

Are there any benefits from using DPML service?


  • Protection - For the next 5 or 10 years, your brand or trademark will be protected from being stolen as all words related to it will be prohibited from getting registered.
  • Cost-effective - The price that you have to pay for the block service is significantly less than the expenses for having all trademark-related terms registered.
  • Simple - You only have to pay one time and you can have peace of mind for the next five years.
  • Flexible - The trademark owner has the option to block certain terms but make other terms available for registration during Sunrise.

To receive information about DPML Service, please complete the form below.

 Online Form - DPML Contact Form

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