How do I enable email forwarding?

Email forwarding allows you to create custom email addresses, e.g.: and redirect received email messages to an existing email address of your choice, e.g. That way, the emails sent to will be forwarded to

Fort this to work, your domain name needs to be using the’ s Domain Name Servers.

In order to enable email forwarding, please follow the procedure below: 

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Select your domain, and then click on “Forwarding”
  3. Click on “Add new” next to “Email Forwarding”
  4. Enter the email address that you want to have the forwarding service, and then enter email address to where it should be forwarded
  5. Click on “Save changes”

Note: If you have a Hosting plan with us, follow the instructions to configure an Email Forwarding in your Hosting Control Panel.

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