What are the requirements for registering a .vet domain?

By registering a .VET name, I certify that:

• In case I collect and maintain sensitive health and/financial information data, I will implement reasonable and appropriate security measures commensurate with the offerings of those services, as defined by applicable law.

• I have any necessary authorizations, charters, licenses and/or other related credentials for participating in the sector, and that I will report any material changes to the validity of the Registrant’s authorizations, charters, licenses and/or other related credentials.

• I will provide contact details for the relevant regulatory body, if any, once the domain name has been registered to support@nominus.com

• I will take steps to ensure against misrepresenting or falsely implying that I or my business is affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by one or more country's or government's military forces if such affiliation, sponsorship or endorsement does not exist.

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