What are the requirements for registering a .pharmacy domain?

In order to register a .PHARMACY Domain name, you must:

- First, apply to National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) for approval to register the domain name(s). You can access the online application <a href="http://www.safe.pharmacy/apply" target="_blank">here </a>.

- NABP reviews your application, required supplemental documentation, and proposed website content, and processes fees. The application review process is expected to take 60 days in most instances.

- If your organization meets the program standards, NABP will grant your organization a secure, electronic token of approval. You will need to submit the token to Nominus.com to register the domain. We will send you an email asking you for this information. The following types of businesses are eligible to apply for approval to register a .PHARMACY domain name: Pharmacies, Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Prescription Drug Information and Pharmacy Referral Sites, Prescription Drug Related Patient Advocacy and Consumer Education Sites, Medical Professionals’ Offices, Schools or Colleges of Pharmacy, Continuing Pharmacy Education Providers, Wholesale Drug Distributors, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. The .PHARMACY TLD will be available to pharmacies and other entities offering prescription drugs or prescription drug-related products, services, or information via the Internet, subject to their completion of the registrant application and approval process to establish compliance with all applicable laws and .PHARMACY program standards. The application and approval process includes vetting by NABP prior to registration to ensure that they meet all applicable regulatory standards, including those addressing pharmacy licensure and valid prescription requirements. Eligible registrants will demonstrate good standing and compliance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which they are based, as well as in all jurisdictions in which they conduct business, including without limitation dispensing or shipping prescription medications in or to a jurisdiction. You can check the core standards that must be met to be eligible to register a .PHARMACY domain name in our Terms of Use.

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