What are the requirements for registering a .swiss domain?

To register and renew a .SWISS domain name, you must fulfill the following requirements: 1) Be a legal entity (not individuals) with sufficient link to Switzerland. This occurs in the following cases: - Public bodies or organizations under Swiss public law; - Legal entities with commercial purposes require a registration in the Swiss Commercial Register. They must also have a seat and an effective site of administration in Switzerland; - Associations and foundations must also have a seat and an effective site of administration in Switzerland. 2) The intended use must meet the Swiss law. 3) The domain name must be objectively linked to the applicant or the intended use. This happens in the following cases: - It contains a name for which the applicant holds a trademark right; - It refers to a name objectively linked to the State or its activities that is required by the respective public body or the public law organization concerned; - It contains a geographic designation, or a clear variation or abbreviation of a name, to which the applicant has a legitimate right or interest in the public mind, or it is authorized to use by the public body or bodies or other organization concerned; - It reflects a name in which the applicant has a legitimate interest or which is associated with the applicant in the public mind. 4) The requested name is not a “Designation with a Generic Character”, without prejudice to be eligible under the registry´s naming mandate program.

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