What are the requirements for registering a .IE domain?

In order to register a .IE domain, the domain owner must meet one or more of the following requirements:
- The owner must be a irish company or a natural person with residence in Ireland; or 
- The owner must be a foreign company or natural person or natural person who can prove his or her relationship with Ireland(*).

Note (*): 
If the owner us a foreign company, he can be prove his relationship with Ireland by the following ways:
- Providing evidence to show that he trading with or providing a service to Irish customers (an invoice from an Irish company, marketing material aimed at the Irish market, or a solicitor or accountant’s letter confirming your current or future trade with Ireland). 
- Providing evidence to show that he will be relocating to Ireland in the near future. 
- Holding a Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland or EU Community registered trademark.

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