What are the functionalities of the hosting control panel?

To access to your Hosting Control Panel, login at pl01.nominus.hosting

On this platform, you can configure and personalize your hosting services by clicking on the relevant tab for each feature:

  1. Websites: here you find and manage the vast majority of your hosting plan functions that needed to set up your website correctly.
  2. Mail: Here you will be able to create and manage your email accounts
  3. DNS: Here you can view and customize you DNS records
  4. Applications: here you can download third party applications needed to create and improve your website, such as Wordpress and Joomla
  5. Files: manage the files of your website
  6. Statistics: show how much of your Hosting Plan capacity has been used
  7. Users: add or edit users, permissions and passwords
  8. Webspaces: the domains that are hosted in your plan are configured here, allowing you to select which domain you wish to work on.
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