Where can I perform a Whois search of Middle Eastern domains?

Using our free domain checker http://whois.nominus.com/domain-whois/middle-east, you can look up domain availability and website ownership easily 24/7 days. Simply click the extension for any country above and then enter the URL you want to search on our comprehensive Whois database. You will be able to retrieve the name servers of the website and view the domain status (whether registered or not). To simplify the process of domain name search we have listed the extensions for each country alphabetically.

Don’t let the search for Middle East domains frustrate you! Just select the ccTLD for any country you want from the list above and use our whois lookup tool to quickly search your desired domain name.  You can check domains availability, status, and find information on the registrants as well. Best of all, you can easily determine whether a domain name is available, expired, locked, or taken. Why not start your search for a focused domain name and put your business on the map in the Middle East?

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