What ccTLDs could I register in Europe?

Nominus offers you an incredible opportunity to find and register a European domain name that will put your business on the map in Europe. For easy domain check, we have listed each country in Europe alphabetically. You can look up domain names extensions for the United Kingdom (.uk), Germany, (.de), France (.fr), Italy (.it), and Spain (.es), the largest European economies. Millions of business have registered domain names for the above countries and you have a chance to join them by starting your search at Nominus.

You can look up domain names for Eastern European countries such as Russia (.ru), a major economic power, Poland (.pl), Czech Republic (.cz), Ukraine (.ua), and Romania (.ro). Using our whois lookup tool, you can also retrieve information for domain names in Scandinavian countries of Denmark (.dk), Finland (.fi), Norway (.no), Iceland (.is), and Sweden (.se). Anyone can check domains availability for the above countries.

Using our domain checker, you can check domain names availability and ownership for ccTLDs in Greece (.gr), Portugal (.pt), Netherlands (.nl), Belgium (.be), and Balkan countries like Serbia (.sr), Bulgaria (.bg), or Croatia (.hr).  You can look up information on any domain and decide whether to register it not. The best part is that most countries have few restrictions in domain search and registration. That means you can simply search and secure a good domain name with an extension for any European country with ease.

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