How can I use the Website Builder in Plesk to create my website?

A website builder is a tool that allows users to create a site without the need for knowledge in HTML or Javascript coding. It's an excellent resource for beginners in web design. With this tool, you can easily position elements like pictures and text on your site, and the website builder handles the coding behind the scenes.

To begin crafting a website using the Website Builder:

  1. Navigate to "Websites & Domains" and select the desired domain name.
  2. Choose "Website Builder."
  3. Pick a theme or topic for your website.
  4. Enter your website's name and choose its primary language.
  5. Input the necessary details to customize your site's content.
  6. Click "Create Site" followed by "Publish."

If you wish to edit a previously designed website using the Website Builder, simply head to "Websites & Domains", click on the relevant domain name, select "Website Builder", and then choose "Edit Website."

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