What is the contact information of this registry?

The contact information is:


Sponsoring Organisation

Ministry Of Telecommunications &

Information Technology,

Government Computer Center.

Al-Irsal Street.

Ramallah Palestine 674 Ramallah

Palestine, State of

Administrative Contact

MTIT Representative, PNINA Chairman

Ministry Of Telecommunications & Information Technology

Al-Irsal Street

Ramallah Palestine 674

Palestine, State of

Email: psdomain@gcc.gov.ps

Voice: +(970) 2 2409354

Fax: +(970) 2 2409353

Technical Contact

Technical Contact

Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority PNINA

Al-Wehda Street

Gaza Palestine 1215

Palestine, State of

Email: technical@pnina.ps

Voice: + (970) 8 2861617

Fax: +(970) 8 2861618

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